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"I am endorsing her candidacy and will be voting for her on February 18. She’s a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and comes from outside of politics. She has a unique ability to communicate with voters that you rarely see in politics. She’s a fiscal conservative and will represent Milwaukee County well. Join me in helping her get to the general election." ~Christopher Lawrence, 1st Vice-Chair Republican Party of Milwaukee County

"She's a great person and genuinely cares about Milwaukee; I've known her for several years and can vouch for her. Please vote for Purnima." - Toufiq Hayder, Implementation Engineer

"I want to go on record as endorsing Purnima Nath for the office of Milwaukee County Executive. Purnima has worked as an Entrepreneur, Corporate Professional, Community Builder and Author including many community organizations as a volunteer.  Purnima Nath is not a career politician. She brings real life struggles & accomplishments knowing what it means to have barely anything and overcome seemingly insurmountable difficulties to achieve success.  Her upbringing in poverty, built a  hardworking, tenacious, humble passion for community, and a dedication to improving collaboration and communication, which will bring visibility and strength our community.  As a Milwaukee County Executive, her goal is to bring in Transparency, Accountability and Efficiency." ~Dan Sebring, Milwaukee County Board Supervisor